06 Nov
Winterlore - Eternal Defiance 2020
Black Metal
Riverton, Utah USA
2 piece band
 After a line-up change, 2 albums and a demo-Winterlore is back with their third full length release "Eternal Defiance".
With one founding member of Winterlore being part of epic black metal band “Caladan Brood”- it’s little wonder that there 
is distinct polish black metal feels throughout this release. 
 The guitars have a sorrowful feeling but with an epic folky feel reminiscent of late 90’s Finnish black metal influences.
Vocals are at the forefront with ice cold shrieking, while the keyboards add a layer of icy atmosphere which fits nicely. 
Bass and drum and far back in the track but add another layer to the frozen atmosphere.
"Frozen Castles Defy" displays how cold and frostbitten Winterlore’s unique black metal sound can be while majestic riffs
add atmosphere. You can hear the influences 90s keeping that black flame lit and burning strong. “Blasted Wastelands” is
an epic guitar track that has a hard-hitting black metal feel to it. Lyrical content is consistent of everything you need
in a black metal album- Darkness, Norse myths, and anti-religious themes.
Overall- if you like your black metal true and cult and true to the flame as well back to the early 90s this one is 
for you. A lot of old Behemoth and Graveland influenced sounds are apparent in “Eternal Defiance” along with Drudkh 
and Sargeist. 9 tracks and 47 minutes of an excellent black metal release- cannot wait to see what is store next for 
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