04 Nov
Mörk Gryning - Hinsides Vrede
2020 album 
Stockholm Sweden 
black metal
5 peice band
Mörk Gryning is a 5 piece Swedish black metal project with their prior releases consisting of 5 albums, 3 demos, 
a split and live album under their bullet belts. These Swedes are back with their 2020 full length release "Hinsides Vrede"
through Season of Mist.
Hinsides Vrede starts off as an with an ambient black metal introduction while "Faltherren" slams the listeners with the fury
as it should from true Swedish Black Metal. With fast, tight drums and pure blast beats ripping your ears to shreds, the tone
of guitars give the listener that classic swedish metal sound with a cold and clean, yet majestic feeling. The bass is
in the background adding a layer of atmospheric darkness along with the guitar and drums.
The lyrical themes within this release are consistent of black metal with Evil, Hell, Satan and Occultism-everything 
expected of a good black metal release. "Hinsides" is the namesake and a standout track consisting of 1 min of acoustic
guitars before shocking the listener back into to the full black metal assault with "The Night".
"For those departed" is a welcome repspite from the unrelenting hell fire with an instrumental piano piece while 
"Without crown" is a very occultic black metal sounding track with clean and raspy vocals adding to this track.
"Black spirit" adds an extra musical aspect with Tuvan throat singing with female clean vocals and straight back to 
 the pure occultic black metal assault. "On the Elysian Fields" finishes with an clean piano for the outro and provides 
an atmospheric end to this release.
"Hinsedes Vrede" is 36mins of classic swedish black metal with the puritan attitude you know and love and can't wait to see
what Mörk Gryning come up with next.
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