02 Jan

Vyrion – Nil (2020)


Queensland Australia

 Black Metal

 Vyrion is a 4-piece progressive black metal band from Brisbane, Australia with their releases consisting of one ep and 3 full length albums. The fourth instalment “Nil” lyrically is telling the stories of civilisations, from the cradle to their eradication by disease- taking all prisoners on a vivid journey while basking in the glory of our war-mongering past and looking eagerly towards our decrepit future.

 “Beleaguered” the first track starts with a wall of guitars then the drum pummelling and blasting, combined with clean progressive tones yet a brooding crunch is displayed. Vocals are raspy as how black metal should be.

 “Squall” adds more to the hellfire black metal style- fast loud and evil. There’s a beauty in the riffs that hit you in the chest making a good track. 

“Avalanche” started with an acoustic start then cracking into pure chaos and moving into the mid paced jumps and grooves. Tremolo picked riffs while the bass rumbles in the back are another excellent feature of this track. 

 “Erupt” sound of more of the empty and melancholy riffing style which pull the heart strings and “Crave” continues with the customary sound of the album with a doomy and a slower side. Mid paced and creeping guitars gives this track a black and roll feel. 

 “Monuments” starts with clean guitar for the introduction then builds in the distortion which builds the momentum for the entire track well. Epic riffs are also relevant in it to, finishing the clean introduction with a fading out epic riff. 

“Dethrone” this one smacks as the most chaotic with pure aggression and fury of this album with pure hellfire to melt ones face off. 

The finishing track “Infect” after an eerie guitar introduction and then tremolo riffs you know and love kicks in blasting away a good, blackened end to a masterful album. 

Overall, this pure progressive black and roll rotting its heart has little bit for everyone who likes Scandinavian black metal of the 90s and 00s.

Keep the black flame alive.

Bandcamp: https://vyrion.bandcamp.com/album/nil
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vyrion
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vyrionband/
Youtube: https://youtu.be/tE7X_-P9cXg 

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