22 Aug

Vampyric Blood - Nosferatu Darkness... the Loveless Nights in Tavastia (2022) 


Black Metal 

A very dark and vampiric one-man entity known as Lord of Shadows from Finland formed Vampyric Blood in 2011. With one demo, two splits with Drowning the Light and Maléfices, two E.P, two full lengths to their name- a new album titled "Nosferatu Darkness... the Loveless Nights in Tavastia” was released in 2022 by Dark Adversary Productions. Lyrical themes include Vampirism and Satanism. 

“Reveling in Lycanthropic Mysteries” starts with the sounds of a coffin opening, then the church organ plays coldly. Synth adds atmosphere with vampiric vocals over the top with a single drum as the intro track of Nosferatu Darkness... the Loveless Nights in Tavastia. 

“Nosferatu Darkness” kicks in straight of the bat with screams and hellfire riffs. This track shifts into a sorrowful majestic riff as it jumps between a mid-pace to tremolo picked guitars making it a very old school black metal feel. This track ends with a howl of the night and blood curdling vocals. 

“In the Mists of the Bloodlust Forests” slow riff builds with faded vocal. The guitars and drums with a synth in the background with vocals over as the forefront, in the classic mid-paced Finnish black metal style. At the 3:32 mark, shifts into that jumpy punky riff you know from Finland black metal and gothic speech. At the 4:00 mark, the track shifts intos in a frosty style riff then back into that mid-paced at the start. A pure black metal track finishing with an owl hooting “In the Mists of the Bloodlust Forests”. 

“Werewolf Night” starts with crickets of the night with an eerie horror aspect of synth and an ambient feel. The sounds of crickets, owls, and a distant voice the night saying “Beware the shadow... the Werewolf Night” finish this one off. 

“Among These Ruins' Decay” an epic medieval sounding riff starts this one-off reminiscent of Drowning the Light but in his own style. Sorrowful, second guitar add to the atmosphere, and adds more of the majestic feeling with sound of decaying wind between the ruins. At the 3:37 mark- then the second and third guitars acts like a mid-paced solo until the end. 

“Loveless Nights in Tavastia”- a very sorrowful riff starts this track with a slight dsbm influence. Somewhat, gothic, vampiric romanticism influence is noticeable within this track. The gothic speech vocal style throughout this track is balanced out with melodic, emotional riffing with hints of synth in the background. 

“Gruesome Powers” displays more of the night ambient feels, but you can sense something growing increasingly evil and malevolent. 

“The Ravishing Wind from the North” starts with the sounds of the ravishing winds with an icy, epic riffing. The tone reminds me of Windir until at the 2:05 mark it slows right down in melancholic and ambient way. This track builds into jumpy, tremolo riff that is heavy on the synth and once again slows down at the 6:00 mark. Vampiric, gothic speech goes forth followed by the most epic riff you will hear. The vocal starts with screams and shrieks- very progressive track with many passages. A great ending track for “Nosferatu Darkness... the Loveless Nights in Tavastia”. 

Overall, if you like your classic Finnish black metal with a vampiric influence, sorrowful with hits of gothic influence and Lycanthropic themes- this one is for you. Until next time, keep the black flames alive. 

Track List: 

1.  Reveling in Lycanthropic Mysteries    02:19

2.  Nosferatu Darkness    04:10

3.  In the Mists of the Bloodlust Forests    06:56

4.  Werewolf Night    03:03

5.  Among These Ruins' Decay    05:05

6.  Loveless Nights in Tavastia    05:02

7.  Gruesome Powers   01:36

8.  The Ravishing Wind from the North    11:20


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