12 Dec

Diabolical - Hooligans Regiment of Terror (2017) 

Gresik, East Java 


 Black Metal Hailing From Indonesia, the blasphemous 3-piece band Diabolical have released their 2017 demo “Hooligans Regiment of Terror” though Total Death Records.  With 2 demos, 1 ep, and 5 splits up their sleeve prior to this release- it is eagerly awaited to see what “Hooligans Regiment of Terror” holds.

 The first track “Intolerance” blasts in with for a very bestial intro hitting you straight in the chest and leaving you awaiting the next track. 

 “Kommand Ov Hate” is a very fast tremolo guitars with a raw punk influence consistent throughout “Hooligans Regiment of Terror”. Vocals consist of bestial screaming, hard-hitting raw punk influenced yelling, and fast paced while the drums are blasting away audibly.

“Muslimassacre” and “Legum Pembrontak” are pure chaotic war and death themed tracks.

 On “Legum Pembrontak” starts with samples of guns and explosions and the fast-paced drums sound like AA machine guns. T

hroughout the album is very reminiscent of old 90s bestial war metal sound continue the tradition tracks like “Iron Rebellion”, “Hooligans Regiment of Terror” and “Dekade Konqueror”. 

“Hail Belial” and “Grimplague” display a very thrashy and punky darkthrone influenced jumps and riffs throughout these tracks, especially consistent on “Hooligans Regiment of Terror”. 

A fast-paced cover of “Satanic” by Nunslaughter and a bonus track “Obsession in My Blackheart” from there 2015 Ep “Awaking Inferno” completes this release. 

If you like your black metal raw, full of war, hate, and bestial as fuck- this one is for you. I will definitely be keeping an eye on Diabolical and look forward to their future releases.


digital/CD : https://totaldeathrecords1.bandcamp.com/.../diabolical...

youtube: https://youtu.be/NjnHkuVvrrk

label: https://www.facebook.com/TotalDeathRecords666/ 

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