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Pestilential Shadows – Revenant (2021) Corrimal, Wollongong, New South Wales Australia Black Metal Hailing from the depths of Eastern Australia, Pestilential Shadows formed in 2003. After two demos, one ep, one split and five full lengths comes their recent album called “Revenant” released by Séance Records.  “Revenant” features members of (Nazxul, Ravenous Dusk, Rift, Varw, Rookwood, Advent Sorrow, Woewarden, Erebus Enthroned, Burden Man, Crone, Damarill, Horrisonous, Illimitable Dolor, Temple Nightside, The Slow Death, Kinstrife & Blood, -Agailiarept, -Drowning the Light and Zaebros). 

“Procession of Souls” – A fiery start to the album with an occultic atmosphere and hits of sorrowful, riffing jumps through mid-paced to tremolo guitars as the track progresses. Shitfting into a melancholic feeling with the slow, layered guitars hit to add with craftsmanship of this trac with vocal shrieking forefront with a menacing tone and a hint of desperation in his voice. The drums are classic drumming you would hear in occultic black metal and concludes with dark ambient feel. 

“Hunter and Reaper” mid paced occultic riffing starts this track off as it builds into the vocals. At the 1:27 mark, the pace slows down with the guitars and burzum influenced synth riffs in the background until the 2:04 mark where everything really kicks in. Tremolo picked, jumping and rocky mid paced leaves you headbanging. This track continues consistently throughout with the malevolent atmosphere known to Pestilential Shadows. 

“Twilight Congregation” starts off with a very atmospheric riff reminiscent of Nazxul- the synth is heavy with the layered occultic guitar tone that hits you right in the feels with the true essence of black metal. This track shifts into high reverb guitars with slow chugs of funerary doom style. For the final shift, the track changes into slow build with low fi guitars then back into the main riff to finish. 

“The Sword of Damocles” kicks off with a hellfire Scandinavian influenced riff that reminds me of the 90s and 00s. This track provides more to Swedish occultic black metal but remains true to Pestilential Shadows own style that never gets old. 

“Revenant”- huge occultic riff kicks this title track off. The guitars are the talking point as an evil menacing riff while the vocals are describing the Revenant Ghost rises from his tomb. At the 3:50 mark, the guitars slowdown in order to build up into the ending riff that screams of pure majestic yet sorrowful tones. 

“Beneath the Dying Stars” start off with the customary Pestilential Shadows style. A hunting scream echoes and then the vocals start. At the 2:04 mark, things slow down with the guitars with a an eerie synth layering in the background. The vocals are the forefront until the 4:17 mark where the build finishes into a very advent sounding riff.  A majestic and occultic riffs with vocals combined with samples occultic priest calling shifts into a very catchy main riff until the end that finishes an epic album. 

If you like your Australian black metal this one is for you is catchy, majestic, occultic and it remind you of the times of the old ways of the flame and check out their new album “Devil’s Hammer” released through Northern Silence Productions until next time keep the black flames alive. 

Track list: 

1.   Procession of Souls     07:30

2.   Hunter and Reaper     06:46

3.   Twilight Congregation    07:35

4.   The Sword of Damocles   05:14

5.   Revenant     07:12

6.   Beneath the Dying Stars    09:15


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