15 Nov

Moonkrafft - On a Barbed Wire Fence (Demo) 2020

Moonkrafft is a solo raw black metal project hailing from Townsville, Australia formed in 2016. After a line-up change, this Australian is back with his demo “On a Barbed Wire Fence” as an independent release in 2020.Samples of a howling wind and war introduces this release with an ominous tone in “The Halls of War”. Gradually through this track - the listener is taken closer to the battlefield with crunching footsteps, tanks and muffled explosions adding an eerie feel to the start of this release.A lo-fi, raw black metal track assaults the listener with harsh vocals, sombre riffing and an unrelenting feel in “Populicide”.  A melancholy yet melodic tone is set within the music for the lyrical content which touches upon the horrors of war in an emotive and aesthetically written manner. “Marked for Death” displays a more chaotic and mournful tone with catchy riffs adding to this proud, well-constructed and raw black metal track within “On A Barbed Wire Fence”. Pure and utter straight hate in a brutal black metal track for this release. A more melodic and melancholy tone in “Eternal Rest” with a slow introduction before launching the listener into the demonic screams and chaotic lyrics we now know to be expected of Moonkraft.Moonkrafft has produced a raw and hard-hitting demo in “On a Barbed Wire Fence” and the resulting 4 tracks and 16minutes worth of hateful, mid paced raw black metal in this release certainly does the Australian black metal scene proud. Genuinely looking forward to seeing what Moonkrafft has to offer in the coming years in keeping the black flame alive. Linksdigital: https://moonkrafft.bandcamp.com/releases 

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