27 Nov

Moon Labyrinth - End of Existence (2020)

International United States / Australia

Black Metal

Moon Labyrinth are a 2-piece black metal band from United States and Australia with one full-length "Lair of the Witch". “End of Existence” is their second full length release through “Dark Adversary Productions” whom they have also released prior material with.

“Possession of the soul” kicks off this release with a melancholy and melodic sound while unearthly screams fit to rip your soul out rattles your eardrums. Harmonised riffs and tempo changed from tremolo picking to mid paced adding a desolate and lonely sound.

The addition of eerie keyboard instrumental section adds a vampiric black metal feel to “Darkened Thoughts” with typically strong tremolo picking we know now to be consistent throughout “End of Existence”. Reminiscent of the second wave of black metal throughout this release, “Embrace the Night” has a slight Finnish black metal sound- particularly Satanic Warmaster and early Nargaroth.

An acoustic interlude breaks up onslaught with a melancholy and depressive feel before launching back into “Ghosts that haunt my dreams” with a frantic and frenzied take on riffs and a chaotic approach to sombre old school black metal sound running through the black flame. 

“The Way of my Ancestors” has a frantic pace and will guarantee to have your head banging with the epic style riffing and is easily one of the standout tracks on this release. Reminiscent of Sargest and Darkthrone in their earlier days- listen to this track and bang your head.

 “Murder of Crows” adds a heavier lo fi aspect to this release reviving the old school black metal flame with demonic howls while “A lone Celtic warrior” surprises with an Celtic sounding intro and launches into Moon Labyrinth’s customary face melting style of black metal. “End of Existence” is the final track in this solid release- and it does not disappoint with the demonic howls, frantic tremolo picking riffs, tempo changes, and the clean rhythm and distorted lead providing an excellent DSBM influenced conclusion to this release.

A fantastic example of old school black metal holding the black flame strong in 9 songs and 36 minutes of demonic howls and tight musical feels.  A throwback to older times executed well and a must for fans of traditional black metal- “End of Existence” may well be one of our albums of the year.


CD: https://darkadversary.bigcartel.com/.../moon-labyrinth...

digital: https://youtu.be/NEs7d8WWK5A

Sites: https://www.facebook.com/moonlabyrinth         https://www.facebook.com/DarkAdversaryProductions


1. Possession of the Soul  

2. Darkened Thoughts 

 3. Embrace the Night  

4. Interlude

5. Ghosts that Haunt My Dreams  

6. The Way of My Ancestors

7. The Murder of Crows 

 8. A Lone Celtic Warrior  

9. End of Existence

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