21 Jul

 Maze Of Terror – “Angels of Acid” single 

Lima Peru

 Death thrash 

“Angels of Acid” is the advance single from Maze Of Terror’s upcoming full length “Offer to the Fucking Beasts” which will be released in August.

 It follows their 2019 EP “Death Worshipers” and “Savage Warlords” split with Wolfstorm (France) from February 2021. I reviewed the “Death Worshipers” EP last year and interviewed the band last March.

 Both these articles can be viewed at Asphyxium zine. Juan Pablo Breña Romero (aka Leviathan) is also the owner of Hydra Art And Design a design company printing shirts, CD, cassette and vinyl packaging and fliers for underground/extreme metal bands and the Peruvian metal festival Abadon Fest. 

South American metal bands have an unwritten reputation for composing music that’s particularly rabid and reflects the sociopolitical atmospheres of their countries in their own way. 

If you haven’t heard Maze Of Terror yet I’d recommend them as they’re no exception to this rule. Think of how Kreator, Testament, Possessed and Dark Angel would sound if they ingested massive quantities of steroids before going on the stage and you’ll have the first inklings of what power and intensity you can expect from this band.

 I like to avoid simple clichés but this new single kills, and is in keeping with Maze Of Terror’s tradition of writing brutal, high quality songs. The single, available on the official Maze Of Terror Bandcamp and the official Xtreem Music Youtube, boasts near-flawless production which allows for the band’s energy and rawness to shine in all its restrained fury. 

The drum production especially reveals the intensity of every snare hit and fill, similar to Mike Sus (Possessed) and the late Tommy Sandmann (Destruction) but much more intense and driven. The guitars show their share of inventiveness for a song this heavy and Leviathan provides loads pf bottom as the band’s bassist while his vocals shred your eardrums in the style of Mille Petrozza (Kreator), threatening to draw rivers of blood.

 You also get the lyrics to this song on the Bandcamp stream, so for people who complain they can’t understand what the vocalist is saying you know where to look. The official release date for “Offer to the Fucking Beasts” on Xtreem Music is August 26, 2021. –Dave Wolff

 Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/embed/2oLUFMzVWhY

 Review of Maze Of Terror “Death Worshipers” at Asphyxium Zine: https://aeafanzine.blogspot.com/2020/07/demo-review-maze-of-terror-death.html

 Interview with Juan Pablo Breña Romero aka Leviathan at Asphyxium Zine: https://aeafanzine.blogspot.com/2021/03/interview-with-juan-pablo-brena-romero.html 

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