06 Feb

Krvna - For Thine is the Kingdom of the Flesh (2022) 

Sydney, New South Wales 


Black Metal 

No introductions needed for this comparatively new black metal band from Australia- Krvna. Formed in 2021, his latest full-length release “For Thine Is the Kingdom of the Flesh” following his debut album “Sempinfernus” which is we reviewed earlier. “For Thine Is The Kingdom of the Flesh” has been released through Third Eye Temple.

“For Thine Is the Kingdom of the Flesh” starts with choir chants and rips into an epic hellfire riff with vengeance. The vocals are the forefront, and the drums and bass are in the background while synth adding to the brooding atmosphere. This album has more of the occultic feel reminiscent of Ondskapt, Blaze of Perdition and Acherontas. This track finishes with clean guitars to end the aural assault. 

“Gethsemane Ablaze” – in this track,the music fades in with an epic, grandiose, occultic riff and the drums blast away. Christ hating, vampiric vocals this continues throughout the track. You can hear hits of sorrow and majestic vibes that pierces through your veins. The track fades out in the conclusion in the same manner of the start, adding a well-rounded feel. 

“Veni, Vidi, Vici” clean gutars start and shift into an eerie distorted feel. The music fades over the top into the main riff, adding a feel of great darkness as it jumps between tremolo riffs. This detailed track shows the musicianship of Krvna Vatra Smrt.  At the 4:55 mark, the music shift into that classic black metal build up in order to shift into the epic ending riff. This track has shown the progressiveness of a “weary eye’d wanderer” and turning him into eternal Vampire. 

“The Flaming Hordes of Basarab” deep throat singing choir starts this track off and shifts into the evillest guitars reminding the listener of the sounds of war, steel, hellfire and pure hate. At the 4:00 mark, an eerie solo play reminding the listener of the family of Cuman horde setting fire to the houses and churches in the name of Satan. Truly epic storytelling in a song. The conclusion to the song is a grand piano piece that sounds like Basarab I himself would play. Top track for this release for Obscvre. 

“In the Absence of Gods...” a slow vampiric occultic riff with almost mid-pace riffing and sweeping overlay. The tremolo is the main riff with heavy metal breaks. The fast pace of the music  has avery occultic take on the history of vampirism. At the 6:17 mark, the music shifts into an epic solo that finishes in an almost euphoric state. 

“...Death Shall Have No Dominion”- sorrowful acoustic guitars start the final track of the album. The music kicks with melodic beauty then the back to the occultic tremolo riffs you know and love from Krvna.  At the 3:45 mark, an excellent solo play with a middle east inspired feel until the 4:55 mark. Melodic mid-pace riffs continue until the end of this track. 

Overall, if you like your vampiric black metal with a twist, clean production and hits of occultic tones- this one is for you. Until next time- keep the black flame alive. 


1.    For Thine Is The Kingdom Of The Flesh          8:30

2.   Gethsemane Ablaze              8:09

3.   Veni, Vidi, Vici               8:06

4.   The Flaming Hordes of Basarab             7:46

5.    In The Absence Of Gods...                        7:52

6.    ...Death Shall Have No Dominion                7:55


Cd: KRVNA - For Thine is the Kingdom of the Flesh SLIPCASE CD Ltd 100 - Third Eye Temple 

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