23 Oct

Isolert - World in Ruins (2020)

 Volos, Thessaly Greece

 Black Metal

 Hailing from the Hellenic lands of Greece are the 3-piece band Isolert. Featuring members of Dødsferd, Sørgelig, Leeches and Herald- their extensive discography consists of a demo, one full length, an EP, a split and a collaboration with Human Serpent.  

Lyrically, their themes tie in with a name both inspired by the end-state of the world with pure misanthropy, death, metaphysical and hate in “World in Ruins” released through Nihilistische KlangKunst. 

“Fire, Ash, Blood” kicks off this release- hitting the listener straight in the guts with pure chaos which sound of explosions. The main riff is distinctly melancholy until the end while the vocals are exceptional and filled with pure hate.  

“Burn Them” commences with fast hellfire style riffs but with a jumpiness in it before switching back to sad, layered dsbm influenced riffs with vocals wailing in the distance. 

“As We Die” has an epic misanthropic feel with somber riffs that makes anybody into black metal appreciate this track for what it is. 

 “Extinction” is a lyrical story about extinction of mankind and how hopeless we are in humankind. In Obscvre’s eyes- the riffs and vocals are the epitome of the “World in Ruins”. The production is clear but has the rawness of the old 90s to early 20s consistently throughout this release.

 “Staring at a Path Towards Nowhere” has the desolate feel-slow in the mid-way through shows the epic songwriters that they are. 

Finishing with a filthy solo, titled track “World in Ruins” is a classic black metal track all the feeling to the black flame.  Clean female vocals add a melodic touch and finishes with Acoustic guitar and flames that sounds of the world on fire. 

“Light... Has Abandoned Us” final track come with a whopping 10:14 long epic of a conclusion has dsbm feels as slowing building and growing. The vocals are haunting- screaming and frantic at the 5:04 things slow right down. The guitar builds into the slowest, melancholy riff on the album while the vocals doing a sorrowful speech in the background. 

If you like your black metal with no bullshit, no pc crap and strong with the black flame this “World in Ruins” is for you.  7 tracks 41 minutes of misanthropy, death and hate has led this to be one of Obscvres best albums of 2020.  

Keep the black flame lit guys- can’t wait to hear what comes next.


1.Fire, Ash, Blood03:31 
2.Burn Them04:04 
3.As We Die05:08 
5.Staring at a Path Towards Nowhere07:18 
6.World in Ruins05:36 
7.Light... Has Abandoned Us10:14 


Vinyl, C.D. and digital: https://nihilistischeklangkunst.bandcamp.com/.../nkk-035...

Tape: https://fycrecords.com/distro

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0YIrTVXIuAvEQWiqNfNWmF...

Youtube: https://youtu.be/VyBuk1oKhIM

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