21 Jul

Idle Ruin - Idle Ruin (EP) 2020 

Brisbane, Queensland Australia

 Thrash/Death Metal

 Idle Ruin are a 3-piece Thrash/Death band from Brisbane, Queensland including members from Feculent, Kaustic Attack and Malakyte. Their self-titled EP is their first release as a band in 2020.

 First, we have “Whipped to Death” coming on strong and heavy with heavy distorted guitars with tremolo pick riffs. The vocals kick in with raspy and deep while fast drums keeps the flow of the music. While thrash death riffs and solos stand out in this track leaving you awaiting for the next track.

 “Spiritual Contagion” slams you with groove thrash riffs and an evil and brooding feels with this track- leaving you wanting to wreck your neck with headbanging grooves. 

"The Devil’s Trade” is a hard-hitting track with pummelling riffs and drums with vocals fit to rip your face off. A quick solo finishes off an absolutely evil, brain melting track. 

“God of Glass” kicks in with death metal influences shown in in slower and jumpy mid paced riff sections. The brooding evilness of a solo kicks in and concludes with blackened thrash, icy riffs. This was definitely one of the top finishing track in Obscvres eyes.

 Overall, if you like your thrashing, brooding blackened death with a hell of an evil streak- this one is for you. We are thoroughly looking forward to seeing what Idle Ruin come up with next.


bandcamp: https://idleruin.bandcamp.com/ 

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/idleruin 

instagram: https://www.instagram.com/idleruin/ 



1. Whipped to Death 

2. Spiritual Contagion 

3. The Devil's Trade 

4. Gods of Glass 

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