06 Feb

Forgotten in Solitary - Forgotten in Solitary E.P. (2021) 

Sydney, NSW


Black Metal  

Hailing from the depths of Sydney, Australia comes a one-man band entity known as Forgotten in Solitary with debut its self-titled E.P. “Forgotten in Solitary” contains dark lyrical themes and has been released independently. 

First track of the E.P “The Forest” kicks in slow and evil then the traditional black metal riffs start. The synth under the guitar, bass and drums adds to a dramatic start for the opening track.

The title track “Forgotten in Solitary” starts with a bombardment of drums and guitars starts with a sorrowful riff descending into thrash influenced riffs with a masterful mix of style. 

The vocals are the classic of the black metal genre with high shrieks in “The Window” with a slow raw strumming with whispers over the top. The mid paced riff with spoken vocals provides a good pace shift and finishes with screams, screeches, and psychotic laughing.

 “Fear of the Night” smacks you in the face with raw and chaotic black metal and a mix of thrash resulting in an excellent track in Obscvre’s eyes.

 “Burn the flag” comes on like furious vengeance of hellfire riffs and blast beats goodness with a melancholy and atmospheric creeping riff resulting in a hell of a final track of the E.P.

If you like your black metal raw and cold- this one is for you and can’t wait for more torments from the entity that was “Forgotten in Solitary”. Keep the black flame alive until next time. 


1.   The Forest     3:45

2.   Forgotten in Solitary    2:57

3.   The Window    3:41

4.   Fear of the Night     3:03

5.   Burn the Flag     4:03


Bandcamp/CD: Forgotten in Solitary | Forgotten in Solitary (bandcamp.com) 

Facebook: Forgotten in Solitary | Facebook 

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