17 Oct

Crypt Crawler - Future Usurper (2021) 

Perth, Western Australia 


Death Metal

Crypt Crawler is a five-piece, cavernous death metal band from Perth, WA featuring members from Entropy, Suneater, Vestigial, Fugue Tomb and Remission.  Their discography features one full length and a E.P with their new full length “Future Usurper” being released independently. Their lyrical themes unfold a series of horror and death related tracks.

“The Mouth of Death” starts with the sound of dripping gore by the bass then the guitar starts in the same manner. A clean toned guitar sound gives way to the distortion start with guttural vocals. The drums are powerfully mixed, and the thrash vibe riffs makes you headbang. The solos start at 3:00 contrasting well with evil brooding riff in the background. You can hear “Death” influence in this track leading to a great starting track.

“Future Usurper” which is their title track kicks off with melodic twin guitars then the chugs of brutality with deep vocals.  Grooves and fast riff reign and the drums are blasting away furiously. A classic old school death metal sound you hear consistently throughout this release.

“Force Fed to the Dead” An aural assault with the vocals starts this track off with headbanging death/thrash riffs. The music is filled with headbanging solos and the solo at 2:14 showcases their musicianship. Continuing onto evil brooding riffing till the end ensures a killer track.

“Delirium” starts with a clean, depressive sounding guitar riff at 0:50 the riff fades into distortion guitars with evil intent throughout the track. At 3:47 solo kicks in then the evil intentioned riff finishes the track.

“Inherent Complexion” the dissonant guitars with a speech as the introduction sets the tone and then dissonant guitars go forth until 1:25. Technical death riffs are a prominent feature in this track and the best double kicks in the album so far.

“Choir of Reprieve” shows more of the technical approach at the start and more thrash influenced, tremolo riffs at 2:00. An epic solo hits then back to classic technical death riff. This track ends with synth that adds an excellent follow on to the next track. 

“The Avaricious Ones” continues with the keyboard notes with dramatic whispers. Jumpy riffs start off this track with chugging guitars. The melodic sound kicks in with vocals ranging from the deep vocals to high almost black metal shrieks. Groovy riffs feature in the mid-section. The tone of “Future Usurper” is very reminiscent of the Swedish death metal sound. 

“Horrors of Humanity” starts with slow doomy riffs, showcasing the horrors of humanity in a cold and dissonant way while maintaining their brutality. Their brutality kicks up a notch at 3:05 with solos over the dissonant riffs and building up to some sort of a breakdown. Heavy chugging riffs continue until the end where the clean tone of the same riff completes this track.

“The Illusion We're Under” back with the technical death style riff and obscure Gorguts influenced style. The music stops at 3:43 adding a spacey, trance like atmosphere. The clean guitars and jazzy drums start to build back into the starting riff till the end.

“Once Shadow, Now Flesh” an Icy cold synth starts this track leading into the riffs, drums, and vocals. Kicking in with their old school death metal sound and finishes with clean version of their main riff resulting to a great ending to “Future Usurper”.

If you like your death metal evil, brooding and old school this one is for you. We cannot wait to see what they come up with next. Until next time keep the brutal flame alive. 


1.    The Mouth of Death     4:39

2.    Future Usurper     3:52

3.    Force Fed to the Dead     4:09

4.    Delirium     4:56

5.    Inherent Complexion     5:23

6.    Choir of Reprieve     3:55

7.    The Avaricious Ones     4:01

8.    Horrors of Humanity     5:40

9.    The Illusion We're Under     5:58

10.   Once Shadow, Now Flesh     4:55


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