17 Nov

Autumn's Dawn - Dying Ember (2020)

Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia

 Depressive Post-Black Metal, Rock

Autumn's Dawn are a Depressive Post-Black Metal, Rock band from Australia. Featuring 2 members- Sorrow on Vocals, Drums, Synths (Germ, Austere) and Anguish on guitars, Bass (Bane of Isildur, Troldhaugen).

After 6 years, a self-titled EP,a full-length release and a Single- "Dying Ember" is their second full length through "Dark Adversary Productions".

Ambient and atmospheric xylophone tones set the stage for this track before introducing dissident guitars, and a slow tempo melancholy feel. Anguished screams highlight this feel within this track adding to a strong DSBM feel. The addition of slight progressive breaks with shoegaze element is consistent throughout this release adding a dreamy, layered feel to this track.

“Autumn Dawn” starts off with a mid-paced rock feel launching into the ambient yet melancholy post black metal sound. Use of harmonics adds to a withering feel while consistently beautifully written and depressive lyrics are a hallmark of this release, adding to the desolate tone. 

Heartbreak and lost love are the primary lyrical focus in “Wandering Aimlessly” and the use of clean vocals within this release are a fantastic addition and allow them to be appreciated. Post black metal vibes are consistent throughout this track, and the heartbreaking sorrowful feel continues throughout this, expressed by the melodic and ambient guitars, chilling synth layers and mix of clean vocals and screams.

“Movie Scene” holds a strong post  black metal vibe with a rock aspect in it- catchy riffs are a hallmark of this track along with the slow tempo depressive vibe we now know to be expected of Autumn’s Dawn. The rhythm of the drums is very rock inspired while the melodic aspect of the guitars easier lends itself to the atmospheric feel in post black metal. Concludes with a dramatic bang, lending itself remarkably well to its namesake.

 “End of it all” lyrically is more of the simpler written tracks of this release but holds a highly emotive feel within the simplicity. Strong atmospheric depressive vibes dominate this track while the addition of clean vocals add a gothic and suicidal touch- leaving this none the less heartbreaking considering the lyrical content and ending with a limbo- feeling instrumental ending.

5 tracks and 37 minutes of pure depressive, suicidal post black metal- “Dying Ember” is reminiscent of the strong DSBM feel in the likes of Woods of Desolation, Austere and Alcest. Melancholy and depressive post black metal with a catchy rock feel in some tracks- its going to be exciting to see what Autumn’s Dawn come back with in the future.


CD: https://darkadversary.bigcartel.com/

digital: https://autumnsdawnofficial.bandcamp.com/

youtube: https://youtu.be/9oYGXPGJzWo

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