10 Feb

The Veils Edge Zine Interviews Chelsea from “Valkyries Unchained”   Lilith: So, you have recently started Valkyrie Unchained- would you like to tell us a bit about your company please? 

Chelsea : Yes of course! Valkyrie Unchained is a promotion company looking to manage gigs bi-monthly at least! Currently Brisbane based but want to expand nationally and with even bigger dreams internationally and band management in the future!

 Lilith: I heard you had an excellent response to your first gig- would you like to tell our readers a bit about what you did?

 Chelsea: Yes! I have decided to support our beautiful and talented ladies in the scene and put together a show with our lovely female vocalists and the bands that came with them (Sunset Junkies, Torizon, In Eyes, BLED OUT and Terror Parade) In honour of this I've decided to donate 25% of the ticket proceedings to the National Breast Cancer Foundation! 

Lilith: That's so inspirational and adds a great philanthropic aspect to Valkyrie Unchained! Is there any reason why you picked the Breast Cancer Foundation? 

Chelsea: The NBCF is probably the foundation that has affected me the most in a positive way. I know a lot of women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and that foundation helped them so much 🖤 

Lilith: That's great to hear! Are you planning on doing this for future events?  

Chelsea: I’m planning on keeping charity donations in the future, the foundations will vary! 

Lilith: You spoke earlier about what you'd like to expand into with your dreams. Would you like to share an insight about the future of Valkyrie Unchained with our readers? 

Chelsea:  I have plans on putting on gigs in other states through contacts I have acquired over years being in the metal scene! I just love expanding the scene, promoting the lovely bands and getting them the recognition they all deserve.

 Lilith: It's so exciting to hear someone speak with such passion and conviction about expanding the scene. How long have you been part of the scene and what are some of the things you love most about it?  Chelsea: I have been a part of the scene for nearly 7 years, starting when I was 14 years old and attending local gigs that weren't 18+. I love the atmosphere that the scene has always provided, everyone is very nice and its always a good time seeing everyone connect, party, headbang and crowd surf! 

Lilith: That's awesome to hear!  So what inspired you to start Valkyrie Unchained? 

Chelsea: I have always wanted to promote and organise gigs, I got the push from when I started my job at The Mansfield Tavern. We have an amazing Rockarina room with a massive stage and capacity room. They were looking at putting more metal gigs on there so that really gave me the push I needed!

 Lilith: It's great when your workplace is so supportive! I understand you're also an Admin of Metal Music Discovery Australia- would you like to explain what that is to our readers? 

Chelsea: I guess being admin of that group is just working on the progression, engaging with the members, making interactive posts and hosting events for the metalheads of Australia to attend! 

Lilith:  I've seen you hosting some excellent events there including a family BBQ- how did that come to be an MMDA event? 

Chelsea: Well it started with the Orphan Christmas, local metalheads that didn't have family plans for Christmas surrounded by a different type of family. Kind of sparked the Metalheads BBQ to have a family friendly event where people can bring their kids! 

Lilith: That's great and so good to hear MMDA is fostering such a community spirit for the scene. Do you have any other upcoming plans apart from your gig through Valkyrie Unchained?

Chelsea: At the moment, that is the one I'm focusing all my energy into but Valkyrie Unchained is definitely going to stick!

 Lilith: I'm so happy to hear you're so passionate!  So what musicians really got you into metal? 

Chelsea: When I was younger I was always into the core side of metal! And also heavily into Slipknot. I was never raised on metal - first metalhead in my family. The scene has really expanded my metal knowledge and interests.

 Lilith: That's great! What drew you to metal initially? 

Chelsea: One of my friends at school always played hard rock and metal and I was hooked instantly, as I've grown, so has the expansion of my taste in metal.

 Lilith: What  sub-genres do you enjoy now?  

Chelsea: My favourite sub-genre will definitely be thrash! The fast pace of the instrumentals are amazing!  Quite like black metal and death metal as well 🖤 Lilith: Excellent! Any final words for our readers? Chelsea: Please support our scene, go give Valkyrie Unchained a like on Facebook for any upcoming gigs, events and more! 🖤🖤

 Lilith: Thankyou so much for your time today Chelsea- it's been an absolute pleasure.  Thankyou for being The Veils Edge Zines first interview of the year! 

Chelsea: Thankyou for having me Lilith! It's a pleasure! 🖤🖤🤘

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