16 Nov

Hi :-) Just kicking off the interview quickly :-) You've released "Impostomb" recently- would you like to tell me what influences you and what inspired you to create your EP?  Horror,the feeling of un-ease, anxiety, dread and a healthy dose of musical influences that inevitably ingrain in ones psyche.

 So what musical influences helped inspire you with Orbyssmal?  

Artists that are true to what they do and bend for no-one and no trends.  Namely Portal, Impetuous Ritual and Vomitor. 

When you talk about the horror influence in Orbyssmal- which films or aspects have influenced your music? 

 Horror being my favourite movie genre it seeps through. Halloween, Evil Dead, Hellraiser, The Cabinet of Dr Caligari are some of the top picks for me. It more shows itself in my music as a feeling. A build up of suspense with no resolve for example.

 So what initially drove you to pursue extreme metal?  

Wanting to push boundaries and offer something a little different to the stale, shall I say it, 'scene'. Most just sound like one another. What drove me to it though is me. It's my own outlet I can just do as I please. That is immensely satisfying. Freedom of creation. 

Are there any other projects that you are particularly proud of besides Orbyssmal?  

Yes but I'm totally anonymous in them πŸ˜‰ apart from that I am involved in a 5 way split release with some really killer bands that should be out soon. 

I can't wait to hear your split :-) Do you have any more plans in the future for Orbyssmal? 

 To just keep doing what i do on my own terms. I'm always writing and the ideas never stop so expect a lot more to come. 

Do you have any other creative pursuits beside Orbyssmal you'd like to share with the readers? 

Not overly. All my creative energy is funneled into Orbyssmal. 

How did you find that Orbyssmal was recieved on an international level? 

All reviews seem to be in favour of what I'm doing. Have recieved nothing but good feedback 

That's excellent news- congrstulations :-) How about your local scene? 

Seem to have more interest abroad to be honest. That's totally fine with me. That is the case with most Australian extreme metal, bigger overseas than in their own country. 

I have actually noticed that. Is there any particular style of music that you enjoy outside of our Australian scene? 

 I have an extremely varied taste. Apart from metal I'm a huge fan of jazz. I like anything eclectic and different. Originality goes a long way. 

I have noticed that you have recently released an excellent black metal split with quite diverse black metal artists- What does Orbyssmal have in store for the future? 

I have a complete album ready to roll, 2 songs are included in said split. So I'm waiting until that has had its time to shine, then i will release my next full length πŸ˜€

 It’s been a pleasure to interview you and I really look forward to your releases coming up- Thankyou so much for your time!

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